My Story

I went to a scentsy party without knowing anything about the product. I was so impressed with the variety of scents and  warmers to fit any decor out there, that I decided I wanted to share this great product with everyone. I am confident that when you try Scentsy, you will love it as much as I do. 

When I purchased my first Scentsy candle/burner, I found out first hand just how much better Scentsy was verses an actual candle. Not only was it safer and could burn 24/7 worry free but the scent lasted a long time. I had burned one square for about 2 hours, turned it off, went to bed and then to work in the morning. When I came home about 9 hours later, my home still smelled of the scent. I had never had such a great result from a regular candle; even the so called "good" ones. Scentsy bars will last a minimum of 50 - 80 hours depending on the strength of the fragrance.

In my duration of being a consultant, I have found that even if someone has allergies, more than likely they will find a scent or two that they can still burn unlike candles they have tried in the past. Maybe it's Scentsy’s food grade petroleum wax which is the same wax they spray on apples in the grocery stores, to give them their shine or it could be Scentsy's warmers which are made specifically for the Scentsy wax as they get just warm enough to release the scent into the air without releasing any of the chemicals with it. The low-watt bulbs warm the wax  to just above body temperature therefore, the wax never gets hot enough to burn anyone. I have heard stories from my customers telling of  their toddlers picking up the "dish" and trying to drink the wax and have not gotten burned and have been told that the wax has washed right out of their clothing. Must have been the baked apple pie or the paradise punch! LOL

With over 80 scents and several warmer designs available and 3 different sized warmers to meet your needs from a large room to a small bathroom, there is truly something for everyone.

I look forward to sharing Scentsy with all of you.